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Brown shoes are in guys…

Brown shoes are in guys…

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Can’t drink you away

Hey you…

Lord! I forgot i had this platform and I was looking for where I could rant. I’m sorry, it seems like i only come here when i need vent space. I shall work on correcting that.

Anyway, with my twitter gone, my blog an inadequate place to put such private matters, this has become a temple of solace for my wandering soul/

Oh yeah, happy new year.

Can’t exactly say my year has been happy so far, it’s been what, 22 days and i’ve already had my heart splintered. See ehn, I’m tired. I’m really tired. Now it’s not like she cheated or that sorta shit, it’s actually me that broke my heart. I saw the ditch ahead and decided that I’m superman so i’ll fly over it when i get to it.

What I didn’t know was tnat the ditch was mobile and would creep up to me faster than i had anticipated, so yeah, I fell in and broke my heart.

A lot of times, we see deadends up ahead but we still go on desiring to be with that person because life without them is unthinkable; almost impossible. We choose to enjoy the pleasure of now, we live for the moment and throw a “fuck you” to the world but sonnn, when the world throws you its own “fuck you” e no get part 2. lol

Last year, i think i loved 3 times and basically I’ve lost ‘em all. This is the most painful because she was all so perfect but yeah, the woman I wished to make my Mrs has to go get a Masters.

Not so bad ey? Well, I hate LDRs and in this case, she ain’t coming back. At least not anytime soon. Fuck it all really, I’m sad as fuck, 

I’ll be back to rant more.

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I need to get me some tweed waist coats

I need to get me some tweed waist coats

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That’s how we do…

That’s how we do…

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Whoop! Got this exact jacket… Safe to say I’ve arrived

Whoop! Got this exact jacket… Safe to say I’ve arrived

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I’m laughing mostly because I really do not know the right expression for what I’m feeling. See, it’s a cross between pity and shaking my head for myself. 

I mean this is familiar road so you’d think i’ll be used to the resultant feelings that stem from this but shit don’t mean it don’t hurt as much.

So yeah, I basically thought i’d give this love thing a try yet again seeing as i met someone who seemed to understand the depth and importance of relationships and was wiling to y’know plunge.

LOL..the only plunger was me again, this time falling to my death from like a 15 floored building. However„ I’m writing this now so somehow I survived it. yup yup.

Love sha, be nice to me someday will ya?


— 6 months ago